Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Childlesness and pathological altruism

Anyone who has ever taken a closer look at the people who support all the leftard lunacy has noticed that although they're preaching tolerance and diversity, they're actually very similar to each other. And one thing in which they're all pretty much identical is the fact that they're childless. Now, one may think that many such creatures don't really deserve children and that the lives of those children would likely be a living hell, and I tend to agree. However, biology is a powerful force, and caring for children is pretty high on our instinctual priority list, especially if you're a woman.

So, what do the women who don't have children do? Their instincts demand they take care and protect something, whatever that something may be. Often it's dogs or cats. A crazy cat lady is not a stereotype by accident, it's a stereotype because women who fail to have children compensate by having a dozen cats instead.

One curious piece of information we can gain from this revelation is the fact that our instincts and what is best for our genes to propagate are not perfectly aligned. Many women rationally don't want children, yet spend most of their time and resources caring for children-substitutes instead. While this misalignment worked fine enough in prehistoric times when birth control was a thing of science fiction and rape was a legitimate way of having sex, today it is ever more stronger in its manifestation. And ultimately it ends in a disaster. Instead of raising a couple of kids who will in time became functional adult members of society, these women spend their time on cute cuddly creatures whom I personally don't have anything against, but who will never become a society's asset.

These are the ones that, aside from their own private life being void of real meaning, don't do much harm. But there are others, way more sinister, who do the society terrible things.

You can guess who I'm talking about.

Yes, her. Mutti.

The name itself says enough. They call (or used to call her) mutti, meaning mother. Why? Well because obviously, lacking a child of her own, she focused her maternal instincts on the people of Germany. But the thing is, without any strong biological bond, those feelings are a sort of a loose cannon, and can shift much more easily than in case of a real parent-child bond. And they seemed to have shifted after that girl cried in front of her because she was to be returned back to Palestine.

So in that one moment of emotion, Angela Merkel realized that her surrogate offspring are not just Germans, but all the other people of the world as well. The only logical conclusion is to let them in and take care of them, like any mother would do if she discovered she had children in distress.

And this sort of irrational thinking is basically what's behind German lunacy. One childless woman who is now compensating for the fact that 30 years ago she chose career and parties over having a child. Practically destroying a nation because of her personal missed chances and consequential emotional instability.

Of course, she's not an anomaly in any sort of way, but a most prominent representative of a whole class of bitter childless women better known as social justice warriors. Instead of focusing on cats and dogs, these hags focus on people instead. Their powerful maternal instincts force them to seek any disadvantaged person or group to nurture, and even more importantly, force them to invent such people when none are around. That's why we see all that talk about oppressed and disadvantaged groups who are in reality living under the same rules as the rest of us and doing perfectly fine. It's also why we see obscure creatures and sexual deviants from fringes of society being forcefully included in the mainstream and respected for their beliefs.

The instinct in women to care for someone is simply so strong that it's not enough to just be happy if everyone else is. It is pushing them to invent trouble just in order to provide nurture to the weak. Munchausen by proxy and pathological altruism are simply a typical female brain in overdrive. And it's not just a human trait.

Realizing this makes us understand why demography is such a crucial matter. Having most women bear children is not just to keep our numbers. Perhaps even importantly, it gives women the focus for which they were biologically engineered in the first place, thereby keeping us from ruining ourselves by embracing suicidal pathological altruism and all the other post 1968 lunacies which came along with the birth rate drop.

Rape cutlure you say? With arranged marriages being a thing of the past, it may be the only thing that could save us. If it existed in the first place.

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